DoD 8140/8570 IA Technical Training

What our Students say

“Eric is a very energetic instructor. Four full days of any training can get rather dry but Eric kept enough momentum in the class so the points he was trying to get across made sense. His use of real-life examples and explanations of highly technical concepts really helped drive home subjects that are most important for an investigator to understand and retain.”

Linda Jackson

“It’s was a great class that covered all aspects of security. Most importantly, I appreciate the fact that you are giving up your own time to assist us and maintain a sharedrive with the latest security tools and informative papers even after the class is over. I was able to pass the test after one week of attending the training.”

Shadi Ehalabi

Eric was extremely engaging during the class, even offering to talk with you and further engaging you after the class hours to ensure that the material was being absorbed. In April, I was stressing out about the upcoming exam.  Due to his expertise, I was able to pass the test with an 81%, great instructor and one I would definitely take again.”

Chris Gripko

Why Train With Eric Reed DoD 8140/8570 IA Technical Training?

Training with Eric Reed for DoD 8140/8570 IA Technical Training can be beneficial for a number of reasons:

1. Compliance: The Department of Defense (DoD) 8140/8570 directive requires that all personnel with access to DoD information systems must receive appropriate training and certifications. Training with Eric Reed ensures that you will meet these requirements and be in compliance with DoD regulations.

2. Comprehensive Training: Eric Reed’s training programs cover all of the necessary knowledge and skills required for DoD IA Technical Training, including the latest updates and developments in the field. This will help you become proficient in areas such as cybersecurity, risk management, network defense, and incident response.

3. Expert Instruction: Eric Reed has extensive experience and expertise as an instructor, having successfully trained thousands of students in various cybersecurity certification courses. As a Master Certified Instructor, Eric Reed is highly regarded in his field and has been acknowledged as a top instructor. His training programs have earned him numerous awards and accolades for their quality and effectiveness.

4. Real-World Scenarios: Eric Reed’s training courses are designed to provide hands-on experience with real-world scenarios that are relevant to DoD IA Technical Training. This will help you develop practical skills and knowledge that you can apply directly in your work.

5. Certification: Eric Reed’s training courses can help you prepare for DoD IA Technical Training certification exams, such as the CompTIA Security+ and CISSP certifications. These certifications are highly valued in the information security industry and can help you advance your career.

Overall, training with Eric Reed for DoD 8140/8570 IA Technical Training can help you meet compliance requirements, develop comprehensive skills and knowledge, receive expert instruction, gain practical experience, and obtain valuable certifications.

Looking For DoD 8140/8570 IA Technical Training?

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