DoD 8140/8570 Training

Get Certified for DoD 8140/FISMA Compliance!

This replaces the DoD 8570 Directive, also known as the Information Assurance Workforce Improvement Program.

DoD Directive 8140 and FISMA regulations require all personnel working with secure government networks to be certified in security measures. Personnel performing information assurance functions must obtain and carry an approved certification required for their position category or specialty and level. Certifications are required for Technical, Management, CND, and IASAE classifications. The Federal Cybersecurity Workforce Assessment Act, requires all federal agencies to develop a cyber workforce assessment program for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) standard, the basis for both DoD Instruction 8140 and the Federal Cybersecurity Workforce Assessment Act signed into law.

The most common certifications included in the DoD Directive 8570.01 include A+, Network+, Security+, CEH and CISSP.

DoD Approved 8140 (DoD 8570) Baseline Certifications

IA Technical

IAT Level I

IAT Level II


IA Management

IAM Level I


IA System Architecture and Engineering



Cyber Security Service Provider

CSSP Analyst

CSSP Infrastructure Support

CSSP Incident Responder 

CSSP Auditor 

CSSP Manager

What our Students say

“Eric is a very energetic instructor. Four full days of any training can get rather dry but Eric kept enough momentum in the class so the points he was trying to get across made sense. His use of real-life examples and explanations of highly technical concepts really helped drive home subjects that are most important for an investigator to understand and retain.”

Linda Jackson

“It’s was a great class that covered all aspects of security. Most importantly, I appreciate the fact that you are giving up your own time to assist us and maintain a sharedrive with the latest security tools and informative papers even after the class is over. I was able to pass the test after one week of attending the training.”

Shadi Ehalabi

Eric was extremely engaging during the class, even offering to talk with you and further engaging you after the class hours to ensure that the material was being absorbed. In April, I was stressing out about the upcoming exam.  Due to his expertise, I was able to pass the test with an 81%, great instructor and one I would definitely take again.”

Chris Gripko

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